On July 4, 2002, I was on my way home from work when my pickup truck was rear ended. The car was incapable of driving away, there was transmission fluid on the ground. The man who was driving the car did not have a driver’s license, nor any other form of I.D.. He was cited for no license and no proof of insurance. He never showed up to court, because he was an illegal immigrant. I never saw or heard from him again.

The damage to my vehicle was over $1200. I have a $1000 deductible and uninsured motorist coverage, so the ordeal cost me $1000. I was not alone. As a firemedic, I was present while this exact story played out several times a month. 
So it came as no surprise when I read that an illegal immigrant hit and killed a woman’s unborn baby before fleeing from the scene. He was caught. The only upside to this story is that he did it in Sheriff Grady Judd’s jurisdiction. There are many things that happen under Judd’s watch that I disagree with. This is not one of them. The illegal will not be released under some BS sanctuary law.

I would say though that I do not think he should go to jail for the death. Sure, leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license, but not the death. After all, there are many women who claim that the fetus is not a baby, but a choice. A useless, parasitic piece of tissue. How the courts can reconcile the fact that they simultaneously call the fetus a baby and a choice is beyond me. How can it be legal for the mother to kill this baby, but illegal for Cervin-Gomez to do the same?

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