The Supreme court punted, just as I predicted on November 13:

– The recount in Georgia will find nothing. Done

– SCOTUS will take no official notice of the shenanigans, because they are afraid of being packed into irrelevancy. Done

– Biden will be inaugurated on January 20. 

– Trump, who has said he will  run again in 2024, is a threat to the status quo. He will be arrested and jailed within weeks of leaving office. 

– Harris will take Biden’s place before St Patrick’s day. 

The protesters in Hong Kong sang the US national anthem. They did that because this nation represents the hope of freedoms that so many all over the world have been denied. That hope, that beacon of freedom is in real danger. The fact that our elections can now be stolen means that we likely have seen the last free election in this nation. 

There were large amounts of evidence that our latest election was tampered with. No one was interested in investigating. Each of the lawsuits that was brought was dismissed, not because there was no evidence of fraud. No, they were all dismissed for process reasons, without the plaintiffs ever being given a chance to present that evidence. 

The courts at every level were against it. Do you want to know why that happened? It is because Donald Trump was an outsider. He doesn’t play ball with all of the entrenched Washington establishment, and they HATE him for it. That is why the “Republican voters against Trump” try to post videos claiming to be the next incarnation of Ronald Reagan. There are no Ronald Reagans left in the republican party. 

Now that the Supreme Court has refused to even hear the Texas lawsuit, the Democrats will take power. They will likely rig the system so no conservative Republican is ever again a President. Instead, the current crop of republicans will go on doing what they do best- feathering their nests while sucking democrat dick for table scraps. I just don’t see how the Republicans can ever accomplish anything other than seek power. 

Remember that Trump is a threat to the Democrats, the establishment Republicans, AND the government bureaucrats. 

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