I was going to do a post on the Trump charges in New York. I had all sorts of stuff lined up to show that Trump is being accused of what would be misdemeanors (and thus outside of the NY statute of limitations) except that the state is alleging that the misdemeanors were done to conceal another crime, which makes them a felony and is covered by a longer statute of limitations. The only issue here is that the indictment doesn’t mention what other crime he was trying to cover up that raised this indictment to the level of a felony.

Then it occurred to me that none of that matters. This trial is in leftist controlled Manhattan, where the facts don’t matter, all that matters is Orange man bad. The followers of this anti-Trump cult don’t know the law, don’t care what the Constitution says, and most of them are frankly slobbering retarded morons who only care about Trump being opposed to their view that we can’t know what a woman is. The left has the ability to understand reason and the law about as well as my spoon understands the difference between mint chocolate chip and rocky road.

Presenting them with facts and evidence on gun control is met with remarks about penis size. Talking about case law is like banging your head against a wall. Talking simply won’t work with them.

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Mike in Canada · May 15, 2024 at 3:39 pm

Absolutely, sir. This is akin to the gun control ‘debate’…. facts don’t matter in the face of The Agenda. This is how we know it is deliberate.
What frustrates me is the number of times thoughtful people opine on these matters, ascribing the situation to the presumed ignorance of those involved (or those responsible), alleging that what is needed is yet another demonstration of the facts pertaining. Once the truth is known, all shall be well, right?
Except that it is never well. It is never resolved, to the mutual relief of all concerned. Nope. While those who brought the arguments forward pause in confusion at their lack of success, the other side takes the opportunity to double down and push their objective further along.
We need to stop trying to educate, negotiate, and engage. The other side isn’t listening, because this was never about fairness or justice. We are being taken for suckers.

    Divemedic · May 15, 2024 at 4:34 pm

    That’s why groups like the Firearms Policy Coalition have been just saying, “Fuck you. No.”

Aesop · May 16, 2024 at 1:44 am

Those make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

If the Leftards won’t take JFK’s warning to heart, I’m fine with them taking it in the face.

They really are itching for a kinetic election, because they think they’re going to win that one.

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