2012: It was the year where incumbent President Obama had a rather poor rating from voters: He went into the first week of September with a -2 approval rating. Nearly anyone could have beaten Obama. The Republicans sent in the best candidate that they could come up with. They sent: Mitt Romney, a man that could only be called a conservative if he were in a liberal state like Massachusetts.

Trying to play to the middle, the republicans lost their base, and Obama walked back into the Whitehouse for four more years. So, realizing their mistake, the Republicans decide that they will send in the best man they have for a 2016 run at the Oval office. Who are they looking at? Why, Mitt Romney, of course!

The past two years have seen the government argue and filibuster themselves to a standstill, just as I had hoped they would. You Republicans need to stop trying to pander to the left, and just stick to your base. I promise you, just like last election, I WILL NOT VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY. I will cast a vote for no one in the presidential race before I vote in a tax and spend liberal, just because he has an (R) behind his name.

Go ahead, repeat the mistakes of 2012, and watch Hillary become the next president.

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