With all of the atrocities that have happened in the world in the last two years, the United Nations has decided that George Zimmerman is the target of their scrutiny. Yesterday, the UN issued a demand that the Obama Administration do something about Zimmerman.

What is more disturbing is the cherry picking that our own government does:

According to the 2011 US Department of Justice Hate Crime Statistics,
71.9 per cent of the total number of victims of hate crimes reported to
the nation’s law enforcement agencies were victims of an offender’s
anti-black bias.

You know why?

Because this is not considered a hate crime, neither is this, or this, neither is this,
this isn’t either.

The UN article DOES go on to say:

 In a 2012 survey, the local non-governmental organization Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
found that at least 136 unarmed African Americans were killed by
police, security guards and self-appointed vigilantes over the course of
a single year.

  To insinuate that this shooting was somehow related to the cops being racist, and not the fact that he was a violent criminal that was shot while attacking police.

Fuck the UN

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