Congress, when it passed Obamacare without even bothering to read it, set up a system where people who purchased health insurance policies from exchanges that were “established by the State under section
1311″ would receive a tax subsidy to assist in deferring the cost of the policy. That subsidy would then be billed to the consumer’s employer in the form of a tax, which the supreme court ruled was completely within Congress’ taxing power to do.

Now the DC court rules that a person who does not buy their plan from an exchange that was “established by the State under section
1311,” but instead buys the policy from a Federal exchange, is not eligible for the subsidy, which in turn means that their employer is not subject to the tax.

The Democrats and the mainstream press (but I repeat myself) are incensed. This is the same party that has insisted for years that “Security of a free state” cannot be ignored is now claiming that ignoring “established by the State under section
1311″ is within the power of the IRS.

Now the case will be heard en banc by the entire 11 judge panel, and four of the additional judges are Obama appointees, meaning that there are now 5 judges who will side with Obama on this law. The mental gymnastics that are occurring here make it astoundingly obvious to me that there is no longer any interest on the part of the judiciary in maintaining a constitutional republic, but rather they seek to maintain party politics.

The Republic is dead. What is left in its place is a massive government that has rotted to its very core, where even the judges have foregone the idea of checks and balances, in favor of a system where every person is in the game only to their own benefit. A nation founded on the ideals of personal liberty is now a nation run for the financial benefit of each person at the expense of others, a massive rat race where people will do anything to win.

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Anonymous · August 1, 2014 at 3:26 pm

This should get good. Just recently, Obama gave waivers to all the US districts, protectorates and territories. The reason? They are not States. Let's see them argue both sides on that one.


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