There are many jokes and complaints out there, detailing how 2020 was a bad year. For my house, it wasn’t that bad. We began the year resting at home because we had flown in from Las Vegas the previous night and didn’t get home until about 5am. The odd part was that there was a CBRN team in Las Vegas for the new year. 

February came, and I was hit by a ricochet at the range. Luckily, my range glasses stopped the fragment from hitting me in the eye. My wife and I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were there for a superspreader event of what would later be called COVID-19. 

In March, my wife and I went on a date to the prom- we were chaperones to the prom for the school where she is a teacher. The very next weekend, we had tickets to two NHL hockey games and were then going to fly to a casino for an all expenses paid trip (including airfare). We never got to do any of that. We were locked down for the next 12 weeks. During the beginning of this lockdown, we had a CD mature that was worth about $75K. We used the money from that to buy a shitload of stocks at bargain prices. More on that later. 

In June we took my brother to Houston for his cancer treatment. At the time, things didn’t look good for him. He had been diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma that has a 15% survival rate. We were going to Houston for an experimental treatment. I honestly thought that the trip would be my brother and I spending his final days together. I am happy to report that he is still with us. 

We did a week vacation to Las Vegas in July. 

I got to build a dream rifle

In December, we largely cashed out of the stock market, and made a six figure profit on that stock we bought in April. Our two biggest winners were RCL, which we bought 1,000 shares at $21 a share and sold at $82 a share, and DRI, which we bought at $55 a share and sold for $120. We made more on stock profits this year than from all other sources combined. .

So all in all, a good year, even if the events of the nation were a total shit show.

I am not looking forward to 2021. I don’t think we can stay insulated from the events around us for much longer.

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