The FAA has removed the requirement that forced airlines to allow emotional support animals on aircraft. The people who fly with these animals are saying it is unfair because flying “triggers” them.

They are especially angry because the trade association for major U.S. airlines wrote in a letter to Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao that emotional support animals led to an increase in “incidents” that have “ranged from mauling and biting to urinating and defecating.”

“This misbehavior not only threatens the health and safety of our passengers and crew, but also passengers with disabilities traveling with legitimate service animals,” the statement said.

So the airlines claimed that emotional support animals aren’t legitimate, and the people who want to travel with them are angry that they are seen as not having a legitimate disability. I wonder why that is? Could it be all of the websites out there that claim they can give you a letter certifying your emotional disability which will force airlines and landlords to allow your pet without being able to charge you a dime extra?

Read the actual statement from one of those websites:

Did you know that with a signed ESA letter from us you will be allowed to have your animal with you wherever you choose to live*, even if there are restrictions for pets at your complex or rental… and with an ESA letter your monthly “pet” fee can be waived? So stop paying $500-$1000 a year in “pet” fees, or living without your ESA and get an Emotional Support Animal letter for your landlord.

Emotional Support Animals are a scam. Claim to have a fake disability so your pet can fly for free. Unscrupulous medical professionals certify your “disability” over the Internet and now your pet flies free. The system was so absurd that one passenger brought a support turkey onto a plane, and other brought a support pony.

The same scam has moved into the realm of rental property. My sister even used the scam. You get a letter claiming your “disability” and need for an emotional support animal. Your landlord is then required to allow this pet for no extra charge or pet deposit, even if pets are prohibited. If he refuses, he is in violation of the Fair Housing Act and can be sued into bankruptcy.

So landlords respond to this sort of thing pragmatically: raise rents and deposits for everyone. That “free” pet? Nope. Not free. Everyone now pays more for YOUR pet.

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it's just Boris · July 3, 2021 at 2:48 pm

The lesson:. Selfish *ssholes will always, given time, spoil something intended to help those genuinely in need. In the meantime they make life more miserable for everybody.

Chris · July 3, 2021 at 3:05 pm

I go into a Biker Bar, i sit, eat have a drink.
Never think twice about my six.

When i fly, i am in condition, web of hand into the Throat full force thumbs into eyes.

I take ECQB training because the Airlines have allowed this madness to move forward.
And well, TSA are worthless.

Flying today is High Risk.

GD sad!

Big Ruckus D · July 3, 2021 at 6:46 pm

Post 9/11 have not been on a plane for any reason. A combination of TSA security fiction and the fact the commercial airlines have a shit-tier business model which has reduced it to nothing more than a miserable cattle car in the sky, made it intolerable. So screw ’em.

The ESA allowance was just another coporate capitulation to stupid BS, and it is interesting they are now wanting to walk it back. I surmise it is more for reasons of liability and reducing unforeseen expenses than actually desiring to improve the experience for their paying customers.

Fact is that air-travel should be an expensive luxury for those who can afford it (as it was in the 50’s-70’s). I certainly couldn’t afford it if it were still run that way, but it would at least be worthwhile and even enjoyable for those who could. Now, it just sucks for everyone who begrudgingly does it.

I don’t think the prospects for mass-accessible commercial air travel look good in the long term anyway. That is probably a good thing, as it will discourage a lot of unneccesary travel that has enabled easy migration and in turn the normalization of importing diversity. Lack of competence and ability to maintain advanced technology and systems will certainly have an impact on the viability of air travel as well.

For those who want to see the world, tough shit. Maintaining homogenous and functional first world socieities is far more important than your ability to decadently experience far away places in person, most of which have been, or will be, ruined by diversity anyway. See London and Paris these days for exactly what I’m talking about.

Internationalism, globalism, whatever you want to call it, needs to die already so that civilzation can be rebuilt without the deleterious effects of incompatible people imposing themselves en masse where they are neither needed or wanted. Cheap and easy air travel is partly responsible for enabling that, by making the world “smaller”.

Modern tech in large part may have to be sacrificed simply for the good of humanity. I’m no luddite, and enjoy my modern technology, but am at the point where I’d gladly trade it all away for a 1940-50’s style American society instead of..whatever the hell this is we are living in now.

A collapse that eventually takes away 50-100 years of technological advancements (or more even) is not unthinkable under present circumstances. We are legitimately at risk of losing even indoor plumbing and modern sanitation practices on the present trajectory. Think about that, and what it portends for world population.

Anyway, a world where it takes a long time and a lot of money to get somewhere will temper the ability to keep forcing wholesale diversity. It will also eventually aid in adjusting people’s mindsets towards focusing on their own locale, with the knock on effect of restoring a sense of tribalism.

In the meantime, all air travel – with the exception of shipping – could disappear tomorrow and have no real negative impact on my life. I haven’t bought their product in over 20 years, and have no intention of doing so ever again.

    Mike_C · July 3, 2021 at 9:25 pm

    “am at the point where I’d gladly trade it all away for a 1940-50’s style American society”

    How about 1938?

      Big Ruckus D · July 3, 2021 at 11:40 pm

      Thanks for posting that. I think I ran across across that same video a couple of years ago, or one very much like it. Look at what has been lost, and where we are now, and you’ll understand my seething anger and disgust. Life then wasn’t easy (nor is it now truthfully, just the problems we face are much different than America c. 1938) owing to economic conditions, higher mortality rates – particularly infant – from medical problems that couldn’t be treated as they can be now, and lack of many modern conveniences like air conditiong and clothes washers. Heck, there were plenty of places in 1938 America not fully electrified and without indoor plumbing.

      But neither did we have mall shootings every weekend, a whole month of officially sanctioned faggot degeneracy parades in the town square, and literal tens of millions metally defective, bitter, juvenile shit disturbers given defacto legal cover to cause societal upheaval and destruction. Klaus Schwab and his ilk are right about one thing: there are too many useless eaters. We disagree, however, on just who the useless eaters are. Hint: he’s one of them. As are every single breathing biped within the boundaries of DC. That’s just the appetizer. Wait until you get a load of the main course, to say nothing of dessert.

      In a larger sense, complexity is our downfall. Modern tech is a major part of that. Since we cannot hope to evolve (quickly enough, anyway) a proper natural defense against technology that works to our psychological manipulation and detriment (TV, social media as just two big ones) they probably need to go away for the good of human survival. Right now they are unchecked instruments of our destruction.

      I rather suspect we will see much of this stuff destroyed, or at least badly crippled, before I die. Modern medicine is already ruined, and many facets of science are right behind it. Technical knowledge and capability at the level needed to keep things as complex as the internet, the power grid, and satellite broadcasting systems functional is already slipping away. Governments and “private” corps who are happy to do their bidding are also all too determined to interfere with and decontent the quality of these complex systems in the name of censorship, maintaining their tenuous control, or simply for punishing non-adherents to their state religion.

      That doesn’t even account for incompetence, laziness and graft that causes things not to be maintained because the money to do so was diverted (read: stolen) or never appropriated in the first place because it was used instead to pay exotrtion money to various and sundry subversives and agitators. So, all that money was turned to shit and flat out wasted.

      A classic example of such is how the US space program turned into a joke in the wake of LBJ and his great society. All the money for his bribery (and ultimately the intentional civic destruction) of the minority masses came out of things like the space program. With that money reallocated, the space program withered until we were reduced to blowing up shuttles in stupid (mis)management SNAFUs and hitchhiking with the Russians just to get to the space station. And I don’t even neccessarily think space is a priority in light of where we are in 2021, but the point stands. Resources are finite.

      Eisenhower started the interstste system. Other than basic upkeep and an occasional new bridge or interchange upgrade, how much has really been done to that network of critically important roads in the last 20 years? The condition of it all is barely treading water, and in many places not even managing that.

      If the will cannot be mustered to keep those things up properly – and it clearly can’t be – nor can the adequate funding even be sourced anymore because of innate profligacy and outrageous waste that are a feature – not a bug – of the system, do you think anything simultaneously more advanced but less glamorous (in the public perception) stands a snowball’s chance? I sure don’t. It was nice knowing you, flush toilets. I’ll really miss you guys.

      In essence, humanity has peaked for this cycle of history. Now we go through another dark age, with no assurance anything better emerges on the other side. None of us alive right now are likely to see it even it it should miraculously happen. That is a real bitch to accept.

Brian_E · July 3, 2021 at 10:19 pm

When I see BS like insisting on taking one’s ‘support turkey’ or ‘support pony’ onto the flight with you – it occurs to me that perhaps you’re not together enough to fly without being in a sedated in straight jacket and/or restrained on a gurney.
The fact that we allow such afore mentioned BS brings to mind the age old phrase:
“And this is why we cannot have nice things…”
That is – somebody, somewhere – is going to selfishly and/or foolishly ruin it for everyone.

Techiedude · July 4, 2021 at 7:46 am

As someone that used to fly every other week, I figured support animals were bullshit first time I laid eyes on one and it’s pathetic owner. If you’re to fragile otherwise to fly, you don’t need to be flying. Each one has had a look about them.

Now that flying is basically a commodity, the planes are packed with amateurs. Don’t know what to do, don’t think rules apply to them. It’s even worst if you’re on a flight loaded with joggers.

No one should have to endure that kind of drama.

    it's just Boris · July 4, 2021 at 9:03 am

    Re amateur fliers, agreed. A couple of jobs ago I was flying two or three times per month. That experience taught me three things.

    One, the airline lounges were worth it. Really helps cut out the useless stress and drama, not to mention noise, when waiting for a connection.

    Two, get as early a flight in the day as possible. The amateurs tend to avoid them, which is a good reason in and of itself; they also have fewer issues with delays etc as effects of weather, etc, ripple through the system.

    Three, avoid O’Hare and Atlanta in the spring and summer if at all possible (thunderstorms), and SFO at any time (very busy and lots of fog).

      21stCenturyCassandra · July 5, 2021 at 4:15 am

      Also avoid the New Yuk Shitty airports if possible. I have flown through there a couple of times, both on the way to Europe (1980 student summer program to Germany and 1991 honeymoon to Ireland). They all suck. EWR is the worst.

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