As you all know, I received a 12 hour ban from Twitter with no reason given. After the ban was over, I was given the reason. Here it is:

The story here is that some asshole wanted to know why the right was all pro-gun, unless trannies were involved. I responded with the above tweet, and attached a screenshot of the tranny advocating the killing of Christians that I also posted here.

Criticizing trannies got me a ban.

So I removed the tweet. It’s their playground and their website, so I follow their rules. However, I will still call them out for taking sides. They are not an immune service provider. The very act of censoring one side of a debate and not the other should make them liable for what they allow to be posted.


SiG · April 1, 2023 at 2:51 pm

The problem with that “tranny advocating the killing of Christians” wasn’t that it’s a tranny. The problem is that it’s a sign of being psychotic to post about killing anyone. I’m not so concerned that it wants to kill me and I’m not at all concerned it’s an “it”; I’m concerned that anyone would advocate anything other than lawful self-defense.

If Twitter Censors would only look around, it would be obvious that the gun culture pretty much welcomes anyone with an interest in guns and self-defense.

Big Ruckus D · April 1, 2023 at 3:57 pm

Musk: “I’m a free speech absolutist.”

Also Musk: allows censoring on Twitter of anyone who doesn’t kiss the ring of the transfaggot industrial complex.

Meanwhile, scores of typical American gullible dumfux: “Elon bought Twitter, now we will be free and the world will be saved”.

And they keep falling for this shit every single time it looks as if something is finally going their way. Hint: nothing ever goes their way in this fake and ghey empire of faggotry. Accept that and move on.

These same morons are now slob and bobbing desantis as their (next) apparent savior, because he presents himself as anti woke. For fucks sake, he puts on a good side show (just like Elon did, until he didn’t). That’s all. He is as slimy as any other political operator, and probably moreso than average. Denninger did a proper take down of him this morning, go read it as it reveals the game he is playing.

He knows how to gin up outrage and then make empty gestures to reel in public support (read: money) from suckers. Trump did much the same, but at least he had his own money, where desantis will be beholden to his big donors whose objectives are not ours. The fact desantis has the backing of the bush clan is perhaps the only detail one truly needs consider to see the reality. When ¡el jebbe! (please clap) Is publicly talking you up and undoubtedly providing material support in some form for your presidential aspirations, that is the very definition of a major image problem. It is maximum suckage by association.

My overarching point being that mainstream conservatives still foolishly hope for a savior, when none is coming, at least in the form of a politician. Apparently this is an autonomic response that cannot be unlearned, as the same dumbshits keep falling for it over and over ad nauseum. The expression “no one is coming to save you” has gotten stale by now, but remains entirely true nonetheless.

As a final thought, we need not just open and savage criticism of mentally disturbed, genitally mutilated cross dressing pedo freaks, we need action that will drive them back into the disgusting hole they crawled out of to begin with. We should see or hear nothing from these defectives. And yet they are sacred victim group #1 right now, having been given defacto control of the political narrative for the moment. They’d better hope there is no God, because if there is, a Sodom and Gomorrah moment is surely coming for all of them, and their enablers as well.

    Divemedic · April 1, 2023 at 4:30 pm

    I really like the job that DeSantis has done as governor, but your point about the Bush clan is well taken

Big Ruckus D · April 1, 2023 at 5:23 pm

I won’t deny he has done a reasonable job of keeping the state of Florida from going in the can, insofar as what I know of his record there. But at this stage any governor who isn’t actively malicious and destructive towards the state they oversee (and many are) could be said to be doing a good job.

And really, all he needs to do to gain support and adulation is publicly declare he is against wokeist garbage, even if he doesn’t deliver anything of substance to combat it’s growing prevalence. Regrettably, that’s how easily most of the short sighted public is goaded into believing they have someone on their side. To reiterate, there are no saviors in politics, but so many continue to believe “this time will be different”.

The thing with the bullshit Disney just pulled prior to the dissolution of the RCID is demonstrative of the games played by a guy like desantis (with ample assistance form the legislature, of course). They left an easy out – an obvious gaping hole – in the legislation that gave the outgoing RCID board a way to head off the immediate effects that should have been suffered, if only the bill had been done properly. And predictably, the outgoing board took full advantage of the opportunity.

If desantis and FL repubs in the state house were serious, they’d have placed legally effective language in the bill that killed off RCID, which would’ve nullified any such cutesy move as was made in advance. Instead, it will now have to be fought through the courts, and even if the state prevails (no guarantee in this enivornment), it will cost time and (taxpayer) money it shouldn’t have if they’d properly drafted the law. And disney will be able to thumb their nose at the state until then.

Further, If desantis does pursue a presidential campaign as it appears he is poised to do, he will not be present to oversee the protracted legal battle that will now result, and really will have little incentive to try and prevail so the stated intent of dissolving RCID can actually be achieved. He will have more pressing matters demanding his attention.

These are professional politicians (many being lawyers, in fact), so don’t tell me they couldn’t foresee this slick ass play that was pulled out at the last second. They permitted for this outcome so they could further exploit the issue for fun and profit. All by design, and all so the perpetual state of political blueballs can be maintained to keep the public on edge. Don’t actually fix anything, just open new battles in the same war, in perpetuity.

Thus, it becomes yet another issue that has not had a proper and final resolution, meaning the politicians can go back for another bite at the apple of manipulating their constituents with the message “look how hard we’re fighting for you against big bad woke corporation (please send campaign donations, we can’t “win” without your support!)” The voters are marks, and they will get rinsed repeatedly via the same issue multiple times, because the pro’s in this game know they can count on emotional appeals to line their pockets without ever delivering sweet fuckall of substance. It’s photo ops and sound bites all the way down. With a memory hole that is now 24 hours deep at most, this has become easier than a head cheerleader after a couple of shots of fireball.

This is why nothing ever gets solved. It is also why the good guys will have to resort to politically motivated persecutions (so to speak) of their own, just as the bad guys are now openly conducting, or the good guys will continue to lose everything, including their lives.

    Divemedic · April 1, 2023 at 5:32 pm

    He is about to sign constitutional carry. He has run a surplus every year, and has pulled off some serious stuff since he got here. The Disney thing is a negative for him, but he is at least taking them on. For decades, the rule here in Florida has been “don’t fuck with the rat.”
    The RCID thing has needed to go away for a long time. Disney pulls and has pulled some outrageous shit here in FL. See how they tried to pull some shenanigans with the guns in parking lot rule when they used the fact that they make their own fireworks to declare that the entire property was a sensitive area because they handle explosives.
    The only way that was beaten was when I forwarded a copy of the fire code to the attorney in the case. You can’t run a hotel in an explosives factory. Disney immediately settled.

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