If Trump supposedly made the speech that caused the Capitol incursion on January 6, then how in the world did the FBI know enough ahead of time to visit dozens ‘white supremacists’ on the terror watch list in the weeks before the incident and tell them not to go to DC? 

Before the Jan. 6 gathering of pro-Trump protesters, FBI agents visited a number of suspected extremists and advised them against traveling to the nation’s capital.

Now why in the world would the FBI visit people’s homes, watch list or not, and tell them not to go to DC, unless the Feebs already knew ahead of time what was going to happen?

I originally thought the whole theory that the storming of the Capitol was a false flag was more deranged bullshit. Now, I am not so sure. The FBI knew ahead of time that something was going down, and were concerned enough to visit the homes of people to tell them not to go. However, the security apparatus didn’t put security on alert? According to officials, the Capitol Police were ‘undermanned and unprepared’ even though the FBI was worried? Yet the Capitol police, Secret Service, and the DC police all resisted doing anything to prepare?

According to the Capitol police, the National Guard only shows up to D.C. when they’ve been invited, and the Capitol Police did not extend that invitation until after the breach. 

Bullshit. The NG was already there. I even blogged about it on January 4

It doesn’t pass the smell test.  

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