Yesterday, a 17 year old central Florida high school student was caught with marijuana and a loaded handgun while attending a sporting event at a high school soccer game. It was an away game, so it wasn’t at his school, but rather an away game at a nearby school.

It is a Federal felony for anyone to have a firearm within a school zone unless they fall under a number of exceptions, none of which applied here.
It is a third degree felony in the state of Florida for anyone without a CWP to have a firearm on school grounds.
It is a third degree felony to carry a concealed firearm without a CWP.
It is a felony to possess marijuana on school grounds.

So was the student arrested? No. In fact, the incident occurred before 10 p.m. and the teen was at home, sending out posts on social media that same night. 
Was he suspended? Not as of today.

Schools lose funding if there are too many suspensions and arrests in a school district. Schools, not wanting to lose that sweet, sweet funding, often overlook criminal behavior so that their statistics look good. I am sure that we all remember this was why the Parkland shooter and Travon Martin never got in trouble before they progressed to big boy crimes.

It appears like our schools have learned nothing from the MSD shooting.

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