After it was pointed out that, should Americans switch to electric cars, it would require 4 times more electricity to charge them than Americans use on air conditioning, CNN tells us that we don’t need air conditioning because Europe doesn’t use it.

Let’s begin with a geography lesson. Berlin, the town where the author of the article lives without air conditioning, is at 52.52 degrees north latitude. The entire continental US is south of that line. The closest North American city to that latitude is Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, which is located at 51 degrees north.

Rome is located at about the latitude of Boston. Atlanta is on the 34th parallel, which places it as far north as Beirut and Tripoli. Orlando is near the 29th parallel, which places it as far north as Kuwait city. Miami is near Luxor, Egypt in latitude.

During the summer, Rome is ten degrees Fahrenheit cooler than Miami, on average. Hell, in Arizona it gets too hot for airplanes to fly. The US is warmer in summer, and colder in the winter than most of Europe.

Right now, all I am seeing on the news is the people in Europe whining like little bitches about how hot it is over there, because it is 100 degrees in the afternoon. Here in central Florida, we call that June, July, and August. They are closing roads because it looks like this:

Pussies. Our roads look like that when they are new. And what’s this about house fires? Do British homes spontaneously combust at 100F?

So Europe can go fuck themselves.

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tfourier · July 25, 2022 at 1:40 pm

First, Berlin summers are just like those in Seattle. Bit more rain. Bit colder in winter. But not much.You can live quite happily in Seattle and the Pacific North West without air conditioning.

Try southern France, Italy or Spain and you start getting weather as hot as large parts of the US. Guess what. Everyone who can afford air conditioning has it. Go into a shopping mall or larger shops. Air conditioning. etc.

Ever wonder why Italy and France traditionally shut down in July and August. Its so that everyone without air conditioning can escape to the beach or the mountains.

Finally. The city of Berlin and the people who live there have the same reputation in Germany as Portland does in the US. Full of total loons and stupid rich middle class morons who just love to virtual signal. The city of Berlin has also been technically bankrupt for decades with a huge city debt. Used to finance various forms of basically middle class slacker welfare. You should check out the history of the rebuilding of Brandenberg / Templehof airports to give you a taste of how utterly incompetent the city government is. And how stupid the people who vote them into power. Its pure Portlandia..

So yeah, the CNN guy is a total idiot wallowing in his own ignorant smugness.

EN2 SS · July 25, 2022 at 2:16 pm

Seeing that road photo reminds me of the time a few years back of a full size Metro bus running at freeway speed on the concrete of loop 610 in Houston. A wet spell, followed by a hot dry spell made a section of 610 lift the bus up and stopping it instantly. The hot concrete heated the wet roadbed into steam, lifting the slab. The concrete and asphalt roads expand more than the expansion joints can compensate for, making for rough rides. When it’s to hot to ride a motorcycle, it’s freaking HOT.

    EN2 SS · July 25, 2022 at 2:21 pm

    And the f-ing stupid euro trash can burn up this summer and freeze in the dark this winter. Ditto on Europe can fuck themselves.

Thwart Evil Plans of SPECTRE · July 25, 2022 at 9:12 pm

The Great Reset Leap Forward to the global soviet.
Rumpschwab Justine Turdeau is about to go full Netherlands for his WEF Fuhrer in Canuckistan.
Coming soon to a Potemkin Chiquitastan banana republic near you.

Jonathan · July 25, 2022 at 9:56 pm

The author may live without AC, but in central and southern Europe anyone who can has AC; the limiting factor there is zoning and permitting (and to a lesser extent cost of electric and the units themselves).

I was in an online discussion a couple years ago with someone who claimed it is banned in Switzerland, so I researched it.
AC isn’t banned there, but it is hard to get permitting approval for central AC, but window units are all over the place.

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