I have had this conversation at least a dozen times, just in the comments of this blog. For example, I recently made the statement: “People are illogical beings motivated by selfish, basic emotion and will kill you if they believe it will give them whatever it is that they want.”

and there were those who took exception to that. Even though, deep down, nearly every person interested in preparedness knows it to be true. If we didn’t, there would be no need to make firearms and the principle of “we don’t talk about prep club” as a part of our mantra.

A person can be kind. A person can be a moral, intelligent person. People, however, are not. We can see examples of it everywhere.

I work with some pretty smart medical people who happen to be black. However, we know that blacks, on average, tend to me a full standard deviation below whites in intelligence, with Hispanics falling in between. Whites themselves tend to be half of a standard deviation below Asians in intelligence. That’s just how it is.

There are some who can’t believe this because they know a dumb Asian, or they have a Black doctor, but remember that we are talking about a statistical comparison of populations, not an analysis of any particular person.

People who can’t understand this simply can’t be engaged in an intelligent discussion, because they are just not capable of the level of abstract thought needed to understand it.

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Boneman · November 24, 2023 at 6:22 am

THIS. A thousand times this CUBED. It’s amazing how citing simple statistics can piss people off… and get you labeled a racist. Utterly maddening. I’ve given up on it myself but to see this post is reassuring. I had a dear friend with which we would have in-depth conversations about exactly this sort of thing. We would oft state to each other that we were the ONLY persons that we could discuss this with as to do so with anyone else would cause trouble.

I lost him in October. I talk to myself a lot any more… but it’s very reassuring to know there are others.

Rob · November 24, 2023 at 7:56 am

There are always exceptions. They are just that: exceptions. The averages are the rule.

This country has been pandering to exceptions for my whole life. Special interest groups are most always favored over the much larger majority.

But the large majority is forced to fund those exceptions.

And I’m continuously astounded by the stupidity of the average American ….

Don Curton · November 24, 2023 at 8:08 am

Then you get into the concept of “brain drain” where all the smart people of a generally stupid population move to an all white area, leaving their brethren even more stupid on average. When smart blacks had to stay in the ghetto with stupid blacks, the ghetto was held to a (slightly) higher standard. Now it’s just the dumb ones left behind. Almost all the Indians (dot) or muslims that can get a medical degree move over here, judging by my most recent trip to the hospital. Not sure what that means for their home country.

So yeah, I can generally state that most of the minorities I meet on a daily basis in my profession are easily from the far right end of the bell curve and I have almost no dealings with those who are below average. That can give people an incorrect view of a particular minority if you’re not smart enough to understand certain concepts.

Dan D. · November 24, 2023 at 10:08 am

Earlier this year I was consulting on motion control for a robotic foodmaking company in Los Angeles. At the end of two weeks I had fixed a few technical issues and mentioned that procedurally the use of ear buds should be banned in commisssry where hydraulic forklift-like machines shift 1,000 lb. loads around in the general area with cables to trip on. IMMEDIATELY a 20-something engineer dissented because “some people may need them as hearing aids.” Ignoring the technical idiocy of that statement, nobody working that area was in that category. But he was a university trained Smart Boy! I didn’t address his opposition but what I thought rhymed with STFU.

    JoshO · November 24, 2023 at 2:15 pm

    Well see thats part of the problem. Politeness and courtesy don’t have a place the real world. At least not with way the left/globalists have fucked everything up. Being nice to any of those people amounts to permissiveness of their evil. The need to be shut down harshly when they spew their crap.

Nolan Parker · November 24, 2023 at 11:50 am

Some of those people are truly just that stupid. Some are just so desperate to Win the argument that they will pretend that since they can sidestep the abstraction or the analogy that they have logically defeated you. They simply can’t Allow themselves to be Wrong. The very Idea that they could expand their understanding of the world around them and have a more complete grasp of it all tomorrow isn’t sufficiently rewarding to justify the Pain of admitting to themselves that the lens they see the world through is delivering to their brain a blurry and narrow view Today is more than their fragile ego can take.

SoCoRuss · November 24, 2023 at 1:21 pm

Its all based on a a fake belief system of what people are in general.
This is like the conversation that Civilization is just a thin veneer over savagery. People freak out over because its the truth and they cant admit that some people/races are more prone to violence at the drop of a hat than others but all people can do violence very well if they want to. I bring things up like this all the time to see if they are like minded or dangerous sheep. I tell them you see riots, murder,rape and arson in cities over a couple days or weeks for a small event and who exactly is doing the violence and what will happen when things shut down totally and there is NO Rule of Law and no food,water, electricity? In general a ridiculous number believe that the govt will come in to save them. So i tell them I spent 21 years in military and another 21 as a DOD employee training and supporting the kids that replaced me. How did we practice for a national emergency exercises? By getting the politicians/ bureaucrats and their families, lovers, friends and donors to safety first above all else. FEMA can do small local emergencies like hurricanes and tornado’s ,floods, etc. But if you have ever worked with those fools, you can see real quick they are totally unable to do it at a national level. No One wants to comprehend a long term national or global crisis and where and WHO the main threats to recovery will be, not even the countries leaders. Because the truth invalidates their social beliefs and scares the hell out of them so they just ignore the truth….

Reader · November 24, 2023 at 4:53 pm

I don’t test people.
Nor do I trust them.

Greg · November 26, 2023 at 11:55 am

There is no explaining a bell curve to people who cannot count change at a cash register. If elementary school arithmetic is beyond them, there’s no point in further discussion.

Grau · November 26, 2023 at 4:26 pm

I also like casually dropping the joke “Everyone who confuses correlation and causation dies”.

Doesn’t get the joke, -15 IQ

Anyone who argues, -40 IQ

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