The government sees a problem, and takes unto itself new powers to deal with it. The power itself creates another problem, so the government takes unto itself a new power with which to deal with the problem. Ad nausea, ad infinitum.

In 1938, the US government passed the national minimum wage, even though it had previously been declared to be an unconstitutional use of the commerce clause in 1933. This was a result of Roosevelt’s threat to pack the Supreme court, as the SCOTUS now ruled it to be constitutional. (Incidentally, this was the period where the SCOTUS became corrupted and useless as a check on the powers of the Legislative and Executive branches.)
This created a demand for under the table workers. The seeds of illegal immigration were planted.
The price increases and unemployment, along with the influx of immigrants to fill the demand for workers that could be paid less than minimum wage that resulted from this law caused people to need assistance. So the government passed the Food Stamp program in 1939.
This program was expanded and illegal immigrants were permitted to qualify for benefits under the ‘indigence’ exemption of Federal law, which caused an even larger influx of low wage workers that were coming in to receive the free food and money that the government was distributing.
In 1986, the government passes a law that requires hospital emergency rooms treat people regardless of their ability to pay, effectively making health care free to anyone that enters the emergency room. This causes many immigrants to sneak in to have their babies for free in US emergency rooms. The newborn is an American citizen,or ‘anchor baby,’ and is eligible for all forms of public assistance. At the same time, illegal immigrants already in the US were granted amnesty.
The amnesty law, while granting amnesty to illegals, simply added millions to the legal workforce, making the now legal immigrants qualify for minimum wage more expensive. Enhanced penalties for illegals caused companies to begin using subcontractors, so that they could lower labor costs by hiring illegals at lower rates while absolving themselves of legal liability through plausible deniability. (I saw this happen myself at a certain large central Florida tourist attraction.)
US businesses support this, because they make LOADS of money from cheap labor.
Now to deal with all of the illegal immigration, we are establishing a National Biometric Database of all Americans. Here comes a registry of everything. People, guns, all of it. The journey to police state and dictatorship is nearly complete.

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