So this is the post that I meant to make when I accidentally linked to Jersey Mike’s.  

They still hate you

 Dianne Feinstein was seen being civil to a Republican. For this display of civility, she is now being called a traitor, and the left is demanding that she be removed from the Senate Judiciary Committee. There is a faction of the left that is filled with pure hatred for those who disagree with them. They want you to be an unperson, a pariah. To make you seem less than human then makes it easier for them to do anything to you at all. 

I used to wonder what made the German people go along with the final solution. Now I know. There are those who think that anyone on the right is an enemy, an entity that deserves whatever punishment a right thinking person cares to inflict upon them. 

This is why I own guns- I am much harder to load into a boxcar that way. 

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