I am sitting here reading a story about Greenville, South Carolina. This is a story of Obama supporters who are struggling to make it and failing. One of the things that jumped out at me was on page 3 of the article.

Evon Hackett is 38 years old. She was laid off of her $8.59 an hour job two and a half months ago, and has been looking for work since. She decided to make a little money by going on a shopping spree at Wal Mart, which overdrew her bank account by $121. The plan was to use the things she bought to make 17 Easter Baskets. No one would buy them at $25, so she lowered her price to $20. From the article:

The strategy nets Hackett $85 in profits, which she uses toward debts of $121 owed to her bank, $190 to her cellphone company and $59 to a warehouse storing her furniture. Childs is her best customer, paying the full price of $25 and purchasing two baskets.

Apparently Journalism students are not required to take any sort of a business class, because if you have $85 from the sale of easter baskets, but owe the bank $121 for the purchase of the materials to make the baskets, you did not make any profit. You took a loss of $36. This kind of business math is why the economy is failing.

Totally ignoring the fact that she has a cell phone, but is claiming to be poor and in need of government assistance.

(BTW: Ms. Hackett made $85, only because her cousin, the local commissioner, felt sorry for her and paid $50 for two of them. Ms. Hackett would have been $86 ahead if she would have simply asked her cousin for the money in the first place)

The main protagonist of the article shows her racist roots when speaking of a local TEA Party, when she says:

“this mouthy black lady knocked on doors in the whitest, most Republican neighborhoods in town and told them what was on my mind.”

and again when she says:

“Of course it’s going to be a lot of white Republicans, and mostly men,” Childs says as she walks through the crowd and finds a spot alone at the rear of the plaza. “I want to see this, but I’m keeping my distance.”

Racist. Could you imagine if a white politician said, “Oh, the welfare office. It will just be a bunch of black Democrats.” He would be run out of office.

Of course, she fails to mention that every one of the people in this story are not taxpayers. All are people who failed to make sound decisions in their live and now expect someone else (the white Republicans they are so mad at) to pay the bills. Those people who you despise were the ones who stayed in school, and didn’t have children out of wedlock while still in high school. They all call their commissioner because they cannot pay their light bills, rent, or buy food. They are looking to this commissioner and to Obama for handouts. They are almost completely dependent on government.

Wanna support yourself? Have more than a $9 an hour job? Stay in school. Stop having children when you are 18, and not married. Stop doing drugs. Get rid of the cell phone, and use the money to take a class to better yourself and your situation. If you have no skills, and no education, what makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants that are standing in an employer’s door? I guess it is easier to expect a handout than it is to work.

These people voted for Obama because he promised to give them other peoples’ money. Now that he isn’t enslaving people enough to give them the lives they want, they are becoming upset that the Government is not taking enough of my money to pay for their cell phones.

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