It began on Saint Patrick’s day in 2004, when my live in girlfriend announced that she wanted to see other people and moved out. During the time we were living together, her car had broken down, and I had been letting her drive my second car while she was awaiting repairs. The car was 100% mine, and my name was the only one on the title and registration. She had also been using a second cell phone on my Nextel account. (Trust me, I am not rambling- this is all important later)

When she moved out, I turned off the cell phone and I asked for my car back. She refused. I called the cops, but the arriving cops told me that since I had given her the keys, it was a civil matter. I didn’t know where she had moved to, so my car was gone. A month later, I saw the car parked at the mall, but there was a “club” on the steering wheel. I had it towed to my house.

That night, she came to my house at 2 in the morning, pounding on my door and demanding that I give her the car back. I told her to go away, and she refused. I called the police. They arrived, and explained to me that I had to let her in the house, because she had a 2 month old bill with her name and my address on it, and that constituted enough proof in their minds that she lived with me.

They told me that I had to let her get her stuff. I told him that I wanted her to give me back the keys to the car. The cop said, “Car? What car?” I told him that the car was parked right around the other side of the apartment. He said, “If I I don’t see a car, there is no car.” He then asked me to put my hands on the wall and frisked me. He then made me stand in my living room in “the position” with my hands on the wall.

While that was going on, he let her into my apartment, where she proceeded to steal about $2,000 of my stuff and began loading it into the car. I pointed that out, and he said that my ex-girlfriend was claiming it to be hers. I said, “I thought you said this was a civil matter. Since when do cops come and help people settle a civil matter without a court hearing?” I asked him to run the tags on the car. He refused and told me not to tell him how to do his job. (Note here that they had no problem getting involved in the “civil matter” on her side, but would not get involved on my behalf.)

I told the cop that my arms were getting tired and asked if I could wait outside. He told me that was fine, so I grabbed my set of keys to that car (that she had helpfully removed the “club” from) and walked outside.

While the ex was in the house with the cops getting more of my stuff, I got in the car and drove it down the street. I pulled the wires that ran from the distributor to the spark plugs out of the car and tossed them in the bushes before heading back to my place.

When I got back, the cop asked me where the car was. I pointed out to him that if he didn’t see a car, there was no car. He became furious and told me I was under arrest for auto theft and obstructing a LEO. He even put the cuffs on me. I told him that he had just made my day, and he was going to get sued for wrongful arrest. I pointed out that he was arresting me for stealing my own car, and since this was a “civil matter” and therefore no crime had occurred, there was nothing for me to obstruct. He must have realized that he had screwed up, because after about ten minutes, he took the cuffs off and let me go. I found out later that before he left, he instructed her on how to go down to the courthouse and file a domestic violence complaint against me, gave her his personal phone number, and was coaching her on how to do it. The sonofabitch even dated her for several months.

The next day, there was a sheriff’s deputy at my door with a domestic violence injunction, ordering me to appear at a hearing a week later. At the hearing, she produced a statement that I had been beating her while we were together. No witnesses, no police reports, no medical records, no marks on her, no corroborating evidence of any kind, just her say-so. It turns out that there is a “domestic violence victims advocates office” at the court house that coaches these women on what to say, and juggles the judicial calendar to make sure they get sympathetic judges. (Witness tampering?)

While in court, she began crying as she told the judge that I had taken away “her” phone, that I had taken away “her” car, and left her with no way to get to work. She also told the judge that she was afraid of me because I owned a lot of guns.

This infuriated the judge, and he ordered me to turn my guns in to the police, revoked my CCW, and ordered me to provide her with a cell phone at my expense. Luckily, the attorney had warned me before the hearing, and I had already “sold” all of my guns to my brother in law for $10 two days earlier.

While doing this, he said, “Is this true? You own two cars, and she doesn’t have one?” I replied that this was true, but that she didn’t own a car before we began dating, so I didn’t see how that made a difference. He told me to be quiet and said “Not any more. Give her one. In fact, give her the car you drove in here today. You can hitch a ride or take a cab, for all I care.” Now I wasn’t about to give her my primary car, which was worth much more than the one she had been driving, so I lied and told him that the car I arrived in wasn’t mine. The judge then ordered me to deliver the car to the courthouse the following day, also entering into the order that the car have “No defects, nothing wrong with it, and it had better have a full tank of gas, or I will hold you in contempt.”

My attorney objected, and pointed out to the judge that my girlfriend and I had never been married, had no children together, and he was therefore not within the law to enter such an order. The judge told him to sit down and shut up. The order also said that since my 2 jobs as a paramedic could potentially bring me near her, that I was prohibited from going to work.

The order said that it was temporary, and that there would be a final hearing in 120 days.

One job was willing to work with me and came up with a plan for vacation and administrative reassignment, the other one fired me the next day. The one willing to work with me (the fire department) placed me on paid suspension. I was told that if the order was made final, they would have to terminate me.

Since this was not a final judgment, we could not appeal. The judge also said that my taking away “her” car and phone was a kind of violence, in that I was using my financial influence and the threat of firearms to control her.

For the next five months, we had numerous hearings, and I was eventually able to return to my fire department job. I had to endure her showing up everywhere I went. I started making sure I had witnesses wherever I was, so that she couldn’t accuse me of anything. I hung out with friends and family, so that way it wouldn’t be my word against hers.

It would go like this: I would be at a sports bar owned by my partner, and she would show up and call the police. Since I was there first, they couldn’t arrest me, but they would make me leave. She would go grocery shopping at the store across the street from my house, and tell the cops I was watching her from my window, and they would come over and hassle me. She called the cops and told them her doctor’s office was in my mom’s neighborhood, and they would even throw me out of my mom’s house, and make me leave until she was finished at the doctor.

One night, she called me and told me that the whole thing would go away if I paid her $10,000 in cash and let her keep the car. I refused. My attorney was finally able to trip the judge on a legal technicality and got him recused from the case. With a new judge, we got the whole thing thrown out, and I got my car back. By the time I got it, it had been damaged by some sort of tool or keys. Someone had drawn large male genitalia in the side of the car by scratching it into the side of the car with a sharp object. My deductible for the insurance claim was $750, and it cost the insurance company $3,500 to repaint the entire car.

Another month, $1,100 in fees, and some administrative appeals later, I managed to get my CWP back. I bought the guns from my brother in law, and my life returned to normal.

All of this was done on a statement filled out by her, with no witnesses, and no evidence whatsoever. All of this because I pissed off a cop who decided to help my ex-girlfriend steal my stuff. The other cops he worked with? They all knew about it and thought it was funny as hell. I caught shit about it at work for almost a year.

So yeah, if you know that another cop is breaking the law and you don’t say anything, you aren’t a good cop. You are a criminal with a badge.

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Grumpy 51 · June 23, 2023 at 9:20 pm

Gator bait…… oops, wrong post

Big Ruckus D · June 23, 2023 at 11:49 pm

Fuuuuuuck. That was an absolutely infuriating read. You’re a better man than I, DM. If I’d been done dirty to that extent, some “random”, likely life ending accident, would’ve eventually befallen every scheming muthafucka involved. It may have taken years, but I have a bad temper and a long memory, and don’t play that forgive and forget bullshit.

Yo yo, lay me down a tight beat here, gonna drop a little knowledge that ya won’t get in college:

Fuck da po-leece
Fuck da black robes
But most of all
Fuck these lyin’ ass hoes.
Ruckus don’t play ’em
He’d much rather slay ’em
He got sick of their shit
And is dropping’ truth on the DM.

Anonymous · June 24, 2023 at 12:26 am

Cattle are contained by barbed wire and grates with holes. These physical objects are far too weak to physically restrain them, but they engage with weaknesses in their minds. Similarly, Norman Rockwell paintings and Jimmy Stewart movies make American minds obey government employees, no matter how evil and weak the employees. Getting on the boxcars without a fight is common in human history.

Mike Hendrix · June 24, 2023 at 12:27 am

“The next day, there was a sheriff’s deputy at my door with a domestic violence injunction, ordering me to appear at a hearing a week later. At the hearing, she produced a statement that I had been beating her while we were together. No witnesses, no police reports, no medical records, no marks on her, no corroborating evidence of any kind, just her say-so.”

My roomie Don has a similar story, but with a much happier outcome. He’s currently in the process of splitting the sheets with his “wife” of over ten years, a horrible crack-whore and casual thief who went to the local small-town cops and tried to file a laughably rape charge against him–an assault she claimed had taken place nearly a year before.

The cops laughed her out of the joint, although they did allow her to fill out a report which, after she left, they merrily tossed into File 13. When the loathsome skeezbag herself called Don later that day to tell him she was pursuing rape charges against him, he went straight to the cop-shop to try and set them straight. Whereupon the still-laughing cops told him they didn’t take her seriously at all, and dug the report out of the trash can, telling him he could keep it if he wanted, they had no further use for it.

The cops also told him they’d seen this sort of thing way too many times before; seems to them as if such obviously spurious cries of “rape, rape!” have become SOP for sleazy bints being sued for divorce, particularly if their husbands have caught them cheating–which, under SC law according to Don’s attorney, means they get nothing instead of the half of all joint assets they’d otherwise be entitled to.

Thankfully, there are still a few good cops endowed with common sense and a sense of justice out there, although their number is definitely dwindling as time marches on. That’s a crying shame, for all of us.

BobF · June 24, 2023 at 4:09 am

Wondering: Police department or county sheriff’s department?
NOT wondering: What a bitch! She apparently had/has? mental issues.

    Divemedic · June 24, 2023 at 7:48 am

    Police. The odd part of it is this:
    Both of the times I was accused of DV, the woman in question dated a cop right after me. I’m sure that has nothing to do with them using the legal system to their advantage.

Pat H. Bowman · June 24, 2023 at 7:01 am

I’ve said for years there are no good cops. There are bad cops, and those that do nothing about bad cops. Judges are simply black robed outlaws. Was talking to an old timer who was a sheriff’s deputy for 14 years. He agreed with both statements. Sorry that happened to you.

    Nemo · June 24, 2023 at 9:56 am

    I’ve also been saying the same thing for years. People then wonder why someone coined the term “99.9999% of cops give the rest a bad name”.

    As to judges, they’re “members of the court” as are DA’s and police officers. A system that protects their own.

Aesop · June 24, 2023 at 11:24 am

Ex. Swamp. Feral hogs. Gators.
Assembly required.

Homicide n.: There are four types of homicide: felonious, accidental, justifiable, and praiseworthy.” – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

    Tree Mike · June 24, 2023 at 12:56 pm

    Copfucks is what I was told they are. Sounds about right.

Jonesy · June 24, 2023 at 2:53 pm

Your final comment is 100% true. And to state bluntly….your choice of women is….well, you sure can pick ’em.

    Divemedic · June 24, 2023 at 4:38 pm

    No shit. I have had three relationships that lasted more than 3 years. This is the third and by far the best. I think I will keep her.
    There were three others that lasted a year or longer. Two of them tried the domestic violence thing, and a third ran off with my (at the time) best friend.
    I have not had the most skill at relationships with women.

Anonymous · June 25, 2023 at 11:08 am

I have had numerous interactions with the police; from speeding tikets, to people trying to break into my house. Not one of them was a positive experience. The police work for the Government; and the Gaovernment is in search of bodies. It is a heck of a lot easier to harrass, fine, and imprison innocent people than actually going after real criminals.

I once worked a job along with a cop (who was working part time as a second job). He confirmed everything that I thought Cops were either bullies in High school; or were the losers that got bullied all the time, and now they ar on a revenge powertrip. He worked for the Baltimore City Police. He said that, instead of patroling for criminals, night shift cops would get some food/ coffee and findthe most deserted place that they could. Then they would just hang out all night and take turns sleeping in the patrol car. They would only do something if they actually were called by dispatch.

Jester · June 26, 2023 at 12:15 pm

I had problems like this too, at least on the Judge site. Ex wife was siphoning cash out of our account, not paying bills, etc. Set it up to do a seperation hearing of course at 8 am after she moved back home beyond the 150 legal miles she could take the kid. Get to the hearing and she was doing the impoverished tears that I had left her with nothing, she had no insurance nothing for the kids, had to go on state welfare programs, etc. I had a inch thick print out of proof she had taken all the money, that she was lying under oath, commiting fraud against the state. Nothing. Infact the judge slammed teh gavel down and told me Mr Jester if you speak again about any of this Ill hold you in contempt, have you thrown in jail and you will then be considered AWOL from your upcoming Army deployment.

Real nice there that he legalized her illegal activities. The said judge was censured by the state supreme court at some point and also got in to trouble for intimidating witnesses, not recusing himself in personal affiliations…

But my case was not alone for the domestic stuff. Not one male came out even somewhat fair under him and he regularly abused his power. Funny that none of his decisions were rendered invalid however.

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