All of you who claimed that Ambulance Driver was telling tales as a heartless bastard when he claimed your fibromyalgia was an excuse to get the pharmaceutical candy of your choice– AD is now vindicated:

Key components of the industry-funded buzz over the pain-and-fatigue ailment fibromyalgia are grants — more than $6 million donated by drugmakers Eli Lilly and Pfizer in the first three quarters of 2008 — to nonprofit groups for medical conferences and educational campaigns, an Associated Press analysis found.

That’s more than they gave for more accepted ailments such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Among grants tied to specific diseases, fibromyalgia ranked third for each company, behind only cancer and AIDS for Pfizer and cancer and depression for Lilly.

Win/win- drug seekers get the drugs they want while getting to cling to the sympathy from having an “illness,” drug companies make money, the paramedics see a lot of patients who are not really sick, and the taxpayers get to pay for it all. What isn’t to like?

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