The government is dragging its feet and burying the defense attorneys in evidence. The idea is to delay trials and force plea deals. At least one judge is concerned about the right to a speedy trial. One of the things that really bug me about these articles is how they always mention that the J6 protesters entered the Capitol in a “military stack” formation, because they held on to each other to avoid being separated as they entered.

You know who else travels in a military stack formation?

Oh shit. Kindergarten commandos in a military stack formation.

One couple from Central Florida has been languishing in jail while awaiting trial.

All of this is being done to arm twist the defendants into accepting plea deals. The people involved have already spent more time in jail awaiting trial than they would have by pleading guilty. In fact, this guy just accepted a plea deal, and he will still be sitting in jail until late January. The crime he plead guilty to carries a maximum of six months in jail. Kelly agreed to a deal pleading guilty to one count of parading and demonstrating inside the Capitol, and will likely be released with time served and a fine.

According to the article, the government claims that Kelly broke a window to break into what he thought was the White House. There are a few problems with this. First, if he thought he was breaking into the White House, there is no way that he could be guilty of conspiring to interrupt the count of the electoral college votes. Second, he didn’t break a window to enter. Here is the picture provided by the DOJ, showing him walking in through the door:

On top of that, he wasn’t too interested in doing anything like hunting for Senators. He was more interested in taking pictures and texting.

This entire thing is bullshit.

Side note: Be careful when out shooting. Do not take pictures. The government will use that to make it seem as though you are training to be a member of the militia Delta force.


CDC Coup · September 17, 2021 at 8:39 pm

Do Antifa and BLM (CCP) go with the “stack” formation?
The horny Viking coup putsch insurrection is a day which will live in infamy for as long as the 1000 year faculty lounge utopia exists, or maybe not.
Shooting pics while shooting? Naw, but saved silhouette targets with impressive groupings are used as wallpaper or back gate decorations.

    joe · September 17, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    blm and antifa are being trained by former military that believe in their cause…

    it is bullshit…almost every blm/antifa scum fucking piece of shit arrested last year during all the rioting was released with no charges filed…

    didn’t some states make it a crime for groups of people (basically friends) doing what may be percieved as training if not in a military or police role?…i want to say a state or 2 at least tried to…

Don Curton · September 18, 2021 at 8:41 am

I’ve pointed out for years (decades even) that the process IS the punishment. And almost all cases are concluded thru a plea deal. There just isn’t enough time, courts, judges, or juries to try every alleged criminal caught. And to career criminals, that’s just fine. They play the system to their benefit. But to innocent people falsely accused, it is a nightmare. A very expensive and time consuming nightmare. And innocent people are faced with a horrible choice of pleading to reduced charge just to get it over with.

I was faced with something similar years back and wouldn’t plea. The prosecutor was fucking livid about it, cussing my attorney in the hallway. Anyway, took about 18 months to get it dismissed. The prosecutor very publicly took the file and slammed it in a trashcan in a hissy fit that would make Nancy Pelosi proud.

Anyway, I spent thousands in fighting a $200 fine because there were child visitation/ custody stuff going on where this would have been used against me. And later it could have interfered with my right to carry. So money well spent but the system is rigged against you from the start.

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