The left is absolutely incensed that they have to follow the rules as two Tennessee lawmakers are expelled:

They claim that the three were facing expulsion because they were protesting. As usual, the left only tells half of the story. They weren’t merely protesting, they were refusing to allow the remainder of the legislature to carry out the business of the people, and were getting the protesters in the gallery to assist them. (This is where I would usually post video of what they did, but youtube has removed most of the videos from their site, and the one that I could find on their site won’t embed. I can’t find a single video of what they did to get expelled. Odd, huh?)

The next claim is that it is an attack on democracy. I don’t see how. The voters in Tennessee are represented by their democratically elected representatives. Those representatives, all 99 of them, were prevented from doing their jobs by an unruly mob, led by three of their members. The representatives all operate by an agreed upon set of rules. Violating those rules can cause the members to expel you by a 2/3 vote. The three refused to abide by the rules and held the entire body hostage, so the members took a vote, and two of them were expelled. Seems mighty democratic to me. Majority rules.

Expelling someone is a threat to democracy? You tried to expel the President. Twice. Was that a threat to democracy? When republican protesters attempted to hold a similar protest in Congress more than two years ago, you said that such protests were an insurrection. Hundreds of the protesters are still being held without trial.

Things continue to heat up on the road to CW2. It’s coming, unfortunately. I can feel it.


Joe Blow · April 7, 2023 at 11:41 am

Yes, another signpost telling you the road we are travelling. Its one of the reasons I told you stay away from cities. It is absolutely coming. We are fortunate to have time to prepare.

    Big Ruckus D · April 7, 2023 at 3:57 pm

    Indeed. Could it be more obvious that politics (as we have heretofore known and practiced it) is over? As much as one might enjoy seeing assholes facing accountability, from here on out, it will be all about the exercise of raw power, period. Until the shooting starts, and that too will be the further exercise of raw power, just in a different and even less civilized form than these present displays of one-upmanship that are really nothing more than chimps in cage masturbating furiosuly.

    Stay entirely out of their way, so as to avoid getting jizzed on. These institutions are over, they just haven’t quite had the moment of realization yet. They’re all write-offs, there is nothing left to save or salvage there. Protests, votes and lawsuits are collosal wastes of resources, especially time and energy.

    Stay informed, but pay it no real attention either, it is as useless and detrimental to the mind as a contemporary TV show or movie. It’s purpose for existence is to frustrate and demoralize. Today it offers you (false) hope, tomorrow a turn of events will will snatch that hope right back away and laugh at you for being a sucker. All one can do now is hang back quietly, biding their time and waiting for the denouement.

    Much pain is coming. Being distracted by jerk off sideshows only compromises ones readiness and state of mind.

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