Reports are all over the MSM that Biden met with a group of historians who warned him that the right is a “threat to democracy.” This so-called panel of historians is nothing more than a collection of Marxists who are intent on getting rid of the US government.

They called the right in general, and specifically Donald Trump, a “threat to Democracy” that must be stopped. Now how do you think a government will handle a group of people whose leaders think that their political rivals are a threat to the very existence of the nation’s government? What exactly do you think is being advocated in these closed door meetings? For that, we have to know who these historian advisors are.

Who are these historians? There is Sean Wilentz, who is a hardcore Marxist. He was one of the witnesses who testified to Congress on Clinton’s behalf during his impeachment trial. He was one of the leaders of the Trump resistance. He said of Trump’s election:  “America, once a beacon to all the world, Reagan’s shining city, will more closely resemble Putin’s Moscow.”

In fact, Princeton University hosted a conference on American socialism in 1984 to celebrate Princeton Alumnus Norman, who was the Socialist Party’s candidate for president no fewer than six times. Wilentz (then 33 years old) was one of the organizers. One of the attendees was Elena Kagan, a student of Milentz who wrote her senior thesis on the Socialist Party in New York City during the Progressive era. Chants Democratic, the first book written by Milentz, features quotes from Karl Marx’s Das Kapital on its second page.

Or perhaps we could take a look at Allida Black. She was an advisor to HRC during her years as SecState who describes herself as “always grateful for HRC.” A hardcore lesbian feminist, she has been solid in the HRC camp, and one of her biggest fans.

There is also Anne Applebaum, who while attending Yale had communist Wolfgang Leonhard as a professor. Applebaum then put the polish on in 1985 by travelling to Leningrad to study as an exchange student. She created Democracy Lab, a website focusing on countries in transition to, or away from, democracy. She was she was one of the first American journalists to push the Russia collusion hoax, and wrote that Russian support for Trump was part of a wider Russian political campaign designed to destabilize the West. She is married to a member of the EU parliament.

This is a panel made up of people who are globalist, one world government advocates, who see themselves as being movers and shakers, as part of the elite group who will lead the world. They will crush anyone who gets in their way.

That is why they are calling you a threat. You are their enemy. They are telling you that they are your enemy. Believe them. A saying during the Vietnam war was “What if they threw a war and no one came?” The new question should be “When they throw a war and only one side shows up, what do you get?”

The answer? Genocide. We know that the US military isn’t fit to fight other countries. You know what it IS good for? One hint:


Mike_C · August 11, 2022 at 8:58 am

What do Wilentz, Kagan, Applebaum, and Leonhard all have in common?
Nothing that I can think of, for sure. Not one damn thing.

Steve S · August 11, 2022 at 10:39 am

Threat to democracy. Must mean democrats since we have a Constitutional Republic.

Danny's not here · August 11, 2022 at 6:13 pm

“Communists? We will cut them down like rabid dogs. There will be no quarter given.”
— Danny

Jonesy · August 11, 2022 at 7:35 pm

We should take them at their word. And they seem to be making bigger and bigger moves against conservatives. Unless Republicans spine up and start pushing back hard, cleaning out some of these agencies, the culmination of this will either be subjugation or civil war.

Chris · August 12, 2022 at 8:48 pm

Seems the DemoKrauts…called.
Time to turn them over and Show’em.

They aint fuckin around.
Unlike ….the “Other” guys/side.
For that, I give’em respect.

Hey Republick…Nzzzzz.
Thats How ya Fuckin Do It.

“Ya do it.”

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