As I predicted, Florida’s new Gun Violence Protection orders are being used to silence free speech. I was posting on the Social Media page for one of the local student anti gun marches. One of the posters on that page was saying “no one is coming to take your guns.”

I responded with: “I love how all of you keep saying “No one is coming to get your guns. WE just want to ban xxx ….”

He replied: “All of you are crazy, maybe someone SHOULD come take your guns.”

 I said: “So are you going to be one of the people kicking in doors and coming to get them? I bet not. Pussy”

To which he replied: “how about I come and take them along with the cops when they find out what u r up to. Huh? Not everyone here is afraid of you. You been practicing your bullying technique again on a women? That’s all I have to tell them, and your guns go bye-bye.”

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