There was a Burger King that was robbed this past Saturday morning at about 7:30 in the Villages.

They finally found and arrested the guy. He is only 18 years old, but has already been arrested four different times since his 18th birthday. The history of this particular thug is an interesting insight into the court system:

October 2018:
Aggravated Battery with a deadly weapon
Criminal Mischief
Battery by touching or striking
This ended in a plea deal where the felony charges were changed to misdemeanor.

November 2018:
This case was the misdemeanor charges that were part of the plea deal from October. He finally made it to trial in January, and was released January 17th with a sentence of time served and a $1350 fine (which he never paid).

February 2019
It wasn’t long before he was in trouble again. Just 35 days after his release from the last case, he was again arrested for driving without a license. He received 6 months probation and a $600 fine.

April 2019 (The Burger King robbery)
Illegal carry concealed weapon
6 counts kidnapping to facilitate a felony
2 counts criminal mischief
1 count of aggravated battery on a LEO
1 count fleeing and attempting to elude LEO
1 count of  robbery with a firearm
possession of methamphetamine
driving without a license
2 counts of child abuse

This is all just since he turned 18 in September. He is a one man crime spree. Since his 18th birthday seven months ago, he has committed at least 15 felonies (that we know of), even though he was in jail for four of those seven months. 

When thugs like this are running the street and robbing people at gunpoint, honest, law abiding gun owners are being punished, even though it is the failure of our court system to put a stop to this madness. Maybe this time they will have him serve some real time, because the next crime he commits will likely result in him killing someone.

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