The “Isis Bride” who defected to Isis and joined the terrorists in fighting her own country now says that she was just a “dumb kid” when at 15 years old she and two classmates set off for Syria to join the terror group. Her two friends are believed to have died in the fighting. She had three children by her Muslim husband, all of them killed in the fighting.

Keep in mind that she was, as late as 2019, saying that she had no regrets, but claims that everyone should have sympathy for what she has been through. Otherwise, she has shown no remorse.

Her biggest regret is that she can’t watch Friends or the Kardashians.

I do agree that your country shouldn’t be able to remove your citizenship without a fair shot at a hearing. Instead of exile, they should allow her to return and face charges of treason and terrorism. If convicted, then the penalty should be life in prison. If it is proven that she directly supported the war by providing material support or by actually taking up arms, she should be put to death.

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How much per year does it cost to incarcerate someone? Especially at a presumably high-security prison?

Exile with revocation of citizenship, turning the traitor into a stateless person is fine, as long as re-entry into the banishing nation leads to a small-caliber hole behind the ear.

Of course, this assumes modern nations aren’t fake and gay, and actually care about the well-being of their citizens and way of life.

Exile is fine, but a fair trial must be in place, or this is no different than a red flag order

No one is stating the obvious. Why was a Muslim named Shamima Begum a British citizen in the first place?

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