So now teachers have to call a kid whatever name he or she picks for themselves instead of the legal name that they are registered in school under, or else we are guilty of bullying? What happens when a kid decides their name is Slick Daddy G?
This is ridiculous. I will call each student by their legal name. If they (or their parents) don’t like it, then go to court and get the name changed.
So help me, I am going to identify as using one of the following names, and then demand that everyone use that name:
George Pooney
Squirt Reynolds
Luke Thighwalker
Peter Dragon
Lance Hardwood
Dick Plough
Miles O’Pecker

Then I am going to walk into the girls’ locker room any time I feel like it, because to keep me out is to discriminate against my sexual orientation.
If they refuse, it is only because they are bullying me.
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