Troll Level: Expert

Elon Musk is a champion troller.

For those who may have forgotten where this is coming from:

5 replies on “Troll Level: Expert”

Elon isn’t “our guy”, or anything even close to it. But dammit if he isn’t an entertaining shitlord of some repute. Now, I’d really like to see him riff on the hideous manjawed snarky singing cunt otherwise known as nina jankowicz (and that ain’t no disinformation!).

FFS, I could fashion horseshoes with a fire, some nomex gloves, a hammer, a tongs, and the chin on that bint. There hasn’t been a leftist beeyotch so physlcally revolting and utterly dislikeable since chelsea “hubble” clinton.

But nina? Yeah, I’d hit it. With a crowbar.

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