It all started when my wife said that hunting was evil, that no one should kill a living animal. I pointed out to her that the cow providing that Outback steak dinner that she loves did not become despondent and leap off of a building, thus making her position just a little hypocritical. She responded that she chooses to believe that the animals on her plate died of natural causes. I explained to her that it was illegal to butcher an animal that dies of disease or illness. We came to a truce of sorts whereupon I promised not to hunt, and we continued our normal dietary lives. (This excludes pork- she says pigs are nasty and won’t eat pork. I still eat bacon, but that is cool with her, as she doesn’t eat anything for breakfast except the occasional bowl of cereal or pancake)

Until today.

We were at the store, shopping for this week’s menu, when she made the announcement that as soon as the supply of meat in the freezer is gone, she is becoming a vegetarian. I could almost live with this, except for two things:

1 She won’t eat vegetables. She hates them. The only vegetables I can get her to eat are corn, peas, and tomato sauce.

2 She still says we will have a real issue if I decide to hunt. In other words, we are at an impasse. Not only am I prohibited from hunting, but I fear that the time will come when she attempts to control my meat eating habits.

Her diet will consist of pasta, cheese, seafood, and candy. I am a carnivore, and while I don’t mind eating that stuff, the diet she is embarking on is most unhealthy, and is a road that I simply cannot follow. I recently had to crack down on her, as she was eating 2200 calories a day of life savers. (That is not an exaggeration- she was eating candy all day, and that is it.)

I really fear for her health, and for the health of a 6 year relationship that is taking a decidedly bad turn.

OK, vent complete.

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Wayne Conrad · August 18, 2010 at 10:20 pm

I had the same discussion your wife and you are having, only it was with myself. What does it mean to eat meat, and how can I reconcile that with being unwilling to kill the critter myself. I took the opposite approach of your wife: I set my jaw and went out to stalk, kill, dress, cook and eat a wild critter. Still not my favorite thing to do, but I can't say I'm unwilling anymore.

I don't think that's the usual approach. Your wife's is, I think, more common. I hope that it works out for you two.

TOTWTYTR · August 19, 2010 at 12:02 am

Good luck. And I mean that sincerely. I hate to sound like I'm meddling in your family's business, but it sounds like your wife has bigger problems than just not wanting to eat meat.

The diet she proposes is extremely unhealthy, which you know. Some vegetarians eat extremely unhealthy diets.

I hope you two can work it all out.

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