There is a lot of press time, pixels, and ink being used by the MSM to talk about President Trump’s approval numbers. The press is breathlessly announcing that his approval numbers are around 38% and falling, they say. they claim that Trump is polling lower than any other President, forgetting that GW Bush polled lower, thanks to them beating on him about the war that they fawned over Obama with.

The analysis from the experts is laughable, but one thing they ARE getting right: The Republican members of Congress are treating this as politics as usual, and are fighting him every step of the way, because poll numbers. That may explain why Republicans are fed up with Congress.

Remember this: During the last week of August last year, Trump had a 30% approval rating. On this date (August 24) of last year, the NYT had Trump at 11% to Hillary’s 89%. I don’t trust the MSM, I don’t trust their polling data, and I think that the tail is attempting to wag the dog here.

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