Every time I complain about the intrusiveness of the searches at the airport, someone always says some version of “Well, it is worth it to keep us safe.” As an answer to that I point out that, even though I have to face the indignity of removing my belt every time I have to fly, the TSA still misses fairly basic things all of the time.

Case in point: a minor with autism manages to clear TSA using a drink coupon as identification to pass through the TSA precheck line.

This was just four months after another woman managed the same thing at the same airport.

 If security is this lax, how many security holes are there, waiting to be exploited by professionals?

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jwl · January 14, 2020 at 1:29 pm

Well, that's just it. We are apparently, as a country, not ready to pay the cost (dollars as well as intangibles, e.g. profiling) of "good" security like Israel uses. So we have security Kabuki in which travelers are unwilling participants.

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