Two attacks of Florida College Students. In the first, a man enters the campus of Florida State University and begins shooting. Three people are hit, and one of them is now paralyzed for life. The gunman was killed 5 minutes later by police officers who responded to the scene. It turns out that he was mentally disturbed. It also turns out that he was a liberal attorney who graduated from FSU in 1979.

One of the victims in the shooting was Nathan Scott. Nathan Scott is a concealed carry permit holder, as well as a concealed carry activist who is highly trained and has the necessary skills to carry his firearm. He was disarmed, because under state law, the FSU campus is a “gun free zone” where law abiding gun owners are stripped of their right to carry. Of course, while law-abiding citizens leave their guns at home… criminals see no reason to obey the “gun free zone” signs and carry their firearms wherever they want. Which is EXACTLY what happened at FSU.

Which brings us to the second incident. In this incident, a pair of University of Central Florida students were victims of a home  invasion in their off-campus apartment. The home invaders held a gun to the male occupant’s head and told the man that they were going to kill his girlfriend, who had fled to a back bedroom. What they didn’t know was that the woman had retrieved a handgun, and when they went after her, she pointed it at them, and they fled.

The state legislature of Florida has proposed several pro-defense bills, and the local liberals press have come out in opposition. They come out with their typical diatribe:

Maybe that’s because they understand the young people who populate their
campuses, and the sometimes rash and immature ways in which they can
act, particularly after consuming alcohol. Adding firearms into the mix
is a legitimate cause for concern.

Totally ignoring the fact that many college students, teachers, and professors are not the stereotypical ‘Animal House’ idiots that they are attempting to paint them as. Especially considering that those same students manage to carry concealed weapons everywhere else that they go in the state without causing any of problems. It is hard to see how that changes as soon as they cross an imaginary line to enter campus.

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Anonymous · February 26, 2015 at 4:22 am

If everyone would simply make the personal decision to refuse to allow liberal idiots to disarm them at any time by simply refusing to comply with their proven to be extremely dangerous "no gun zones," perhaps after a couple of thousand thwarted murder attempts, the liberal idiots just might figure it out!

After typing that last sentence, I now realize that I'm completely wasting my time.

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