My son posted a comment to the book of faces essentially claiming that men say things to each other in private that are offensive, and he doesn’t understand why everyone is in a twist about Trump.

One of his coworkers (a female) immediately responds that she has never heard people talk like that, she would never, and that she has never heard a coworker speak like that. My son pointed out that when people speak, they change their conversation around strangers and people who are easily offended. He also pointed out that men speak differently when women are around. (This used to be called ‘speaking in polite company’)

She responded with a comment of “If you can’t say something around everyone, you shouldn’t say it at all.” Then pointed out that she would expect language like that would get you fired, and rightly should.

At that point, I jumped in.
Here was my comment:

I cannot believe that you have NEVER had a conversation in private that was not inappropriate. I know for a fact that women frequently say things when men aren’t around that are inappropriate as well. Recording a private conversation without the other party’s knowledge, and then releasing it later to damage his career makes you a jerk.
Likewise, a conversation that a firefighter has (even if in front of a chief) off duty and out of uniform, not to mention eleven years before he even APPLIES for the job is not going to be held against him.

Here was her response:

I deleted my comments and will be unfollowing this post. Like I said I will not argue about this. I really hope for better out of everyone. I do not discuss politics on Facebook because it’s pointless. I love being a firefighter and I love the people I work with. I make it just fine. Hopefully, most of them continue to be respectful and are held to the same high standard that I’ve always seen. I will be reporting your comments to your supervisors, maybe they should be on the lookout for your ‘private conversations.’

Here was my final response:

 I never attacked you, all I did was disagree with you. By hoping for better, I assume that you mean that you hope everyone will agree with you. 

Hypocrites, all of them.
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