I have posted about poor writing skills before. A good number of my students were using cell phones instead of paying attention, so I gave the class a writing assignment. The topic was “Why cell phones are a distraction in class.”

This is what I got from one 11th grade student. I cropped the name off for student privacy reasons.

The rest of the paper is continued on the back: “are a teacher. you give respet you earn respect.” (sic)

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SiGraybeard · September 14, 2019 at 4:04 pm

It's not good, but I've honestly seen worse from adults.

Is this an honors class?

Divemedic · September 14, 2019 at 7:31 pm

Hardly. I am teaching the lowest 40% of the students in a Title 1 school. 80% of our students are part of families that are on welfare. One in ten of them is homeless.

Standardized tests in Florida are scored on a 1-5 scale, with 3 being at grade level. A score of 2 means 1-2 years below grade level, and a score of 1 being 3 or more years below grade level. Two thirds of my students have scores of 1 on most of their tests, with the rest being 2's.

Most of my students are reading at no higher than a fifth grade level.

The sad part is that with all of that, we have a 90 percent graduation rate. The education system is irreparably broken.

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