Rashida Tlaib spoke to and riled a group of protestors today who stormed the Capitol building. When will they be charged with insurrection? When will the FBI raid their homes? When will Tlaib be told that she can’t run for reelection under the 14th Amendment?

Answer: Never.

We have two legal systems


Don't Pay The Ferryman · October 18, 2023 at 6:05 pm

Just reading about Hamas supporters storming the office of an esteemed Uniparty member from Texas!
Are they worse than the guy who defaced Pelosi’s sacred lectern or a horny Viking out of meds?
How about those interesting times.
The article also stated that there are more juice in Amerikwa than in Israel.
How our ancestors are facepalming with tears from the other side.

Joe Blow · October 19, 2023 at 6:06 am

It’s a mixed blessing, right?
On the one hand, like many, I have been struggling with the current world. Like, I can’t believe this is all happening, it can’t really be happening, this isn’t truly what’s going on, I mean, it can’t be?
For the last… 7 or 8 years? I mean really struggling. Problems with friends/family, thinking maybe I need to go see a shrink and put myself on sedatives or something, I must be going crazy and imagining things.

Nope. Not crazy.

It’s happening. It really is. I mean it sucks, but I’m not looney, not off my rocker, not going crazy. We are in the extra-judicial phase of the collapse (these things take time, years to play out). The courts and organs of state responsible for security have circled their wagons around the state, not the people. Todays jargon calls it the deep state, but you all know the blob for what it is… KGB used to round up political dissidents and gulag them in Siberia. We have J6 defendants denied Constitutional protections, a political opponent subject to an obvious witch hunt (the impeachment fiasco’s (PLURAL!!!) was what kicked off my psychosis in some respects – clearly innocent, why are we even talking about this, why is the media gaslighting everyone?)

That’s what finally is a blessing about the absurdity of it all. Now we’ve got this mess in the ME, and Ukraine. I mean, C’mon, how can you argue it’s NOT happening? Haven’t seen Caligula’s horse made senator yet? The Bread and Circuses phase has been engaged for 10+ years… They’re looting the treasury with these arms support promises of 100 fucking-billion-with-a-B and setting up the big collapse. Its obvious if you look.
Grok that. That’s where we are. That’s what is happening. When you adjust your paradigm, everything happening makes sense. There will be another virus lockdown this winter, another round of shots you won’t be forced to take, it’s all happening. Mail in ballots and mules… grok that. Disinformation laws will be passed soon to censor opposing views, AI (developed at DARPA and sold to private sector) is already being implemented across the internet (get your HAM on).

Do what you need to do. That’s how and what consoles me now. I have a lot of work to button up and time is short (see next article above about Ammo and enemy action….)

    Grumpy51 · October 19, 2023 at 1:20 pm

    Maybe not caligua’s horse but certainly some brain-dead people….. looking at you Fetterman

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