Unarmed Victim

Good thing this woman didn’t have a weapon. That poor man might have gotten hurt.

He was arrested. His mother says he is schizophrenic and stopped taking his meds.

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there’s a cure for that shit…a van full of guys waiting on the corner…what a pos…

To the mom, sorry he’s this way BUT it doesn’t give him a pass…….acute Pb poisoning is in his future…..

Stopped taking his meds? Hell, he needs to stop taking breaths. I’d be happy to arrange that for him. We’ve reached the stage where we have far too many other problems to have shit like this running around unencumbered.

Just start killing these fuckers at the first opportunity. And no, I’m not remotely interested in excuses for their behavior. Dead=another problem solved. If they want mercy they can talk to God about that.

50 years in psych prison ought to do it, with no parole.

If some argued for prophylactic execution, I wouldn’t object. He has it coming. We’d do at least that much for a rabid dog.

James Woods in Videodrome with the Walther PPK hand is classic.
The comrades love unarmed victims because they can dig ditches.

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