A judge in Florida has ruled that, since immigration is covered under Federal law, it is unconstitutional for state and local police to assist Federal authorities in enforcing that law, even to the point that they cannot hand illegal immigrants over to Federal authorities. It also allows the creation of Sanctuary cities:

Consistent with the Court’s Omnibus order on the parties’ cross-motions for summary judgment, Defendants are PERMANENTLY ENJOINED from enforcing the Transport Requirement, Fla. Stat. § 908.104(4), because this statutory provision is preempted by federal immigration law and is therefore unconstitutional.

The unintended part comes here: In light of this ruling, what other laws would be exclusively preempted by Federal law, thus making them outside of local jurisdiction? Gun laws? Marijuana? Drug laws? Considering that Federal law is so broad, this ruling makes virtually every state law and ordinance unconstitutional, while making local and state police virtually powerless.

Perhaps that’s been the plan all along. Seize Federal power, then declare the states to be powerless.