I retired from the Fire Department back in 2011. After a brief journey to grad school where I majored in Physician Assistant Studies, I left because I couldn’t handle the leftist professors telling stories about how Ronald Reagan deliberately engineered AIDS as an attack on women and gays. You can read about this nutcase here. I highly recommend reading it. It’s enlightening. Anyhow, the liberal indoctrination and constant bullshit made me want to leave, so I did.

My first job when I got back put me in a position of working for a boss that was deliberately keeping people sick so that he could make more money. He insisted that we falsify documentation and lie on paperwork. He told me “We are making money, the nursing home is making money, and the patient doesn’t even remember his own name. We all win here, so don’t rock the boat. You want to keep your job, don’t you?”

I didn’t. I wound up being shown the door because I had ethics.

I took a couple of years and enjoyed retirement. That was when I met my wife. She told me that we could do so much more than what we had. We could travel. If only I got a part time job, we could use the money to travel. I was bored sitting around the house, so I got a job teaching just three classes a day. We used the money I made to see the world. We have been to 14 countries and 48 states. During the seven years I was teaching, I went from part time to full time, and realized that teaching wasn’t for me.

Then COVID came along. I went back to health care. That’s how I came to be unretired.

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D · August 15, 2023 at 9:02 am

AIDS? Reagan? No. Fauci? Well…I have my suspicions.

Anonymous · August 15, 2023 at 9:05 am

Very interesting, as is all of your writing. Thanks for the back ground, I’m new (relatively) to your blog. I visit daily.

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