Update on FIL

The hospital sent him home last night at 1 am. They had given him some oxygen and his oxygen saturation levels came back up. What made it difficult is that my MIL has COVID as well, and she is legally blind. So we were placed in a difficult spot: Who can drive him home?

So my wife and I drove to the hospital with my MIL following right behind us in their car. We led her the 40 minute drive from their house to the hospital, and then the 40 minute trip back. (He is still too sick to drive). I feel for both of them- just looking at them, I can see that they both feel like shit.

We got home at around two- just in time to get a few hours’ sleep before starting my (online) workday. That hospital has seen far too much of my family this last week.

I still think that COVID is just a nasty version of the diseases we already have seen, but for my in laws’ age group, the mortality is much higher than for other demographics, and even so, you don’t like to see anyone that you care about being sick and miserable. I sure hope they get better soon.

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Glad he is good enough to be sent home. The illness is real, but what has been exaggerated is the coverage and targets. The “solution” was a shotgun pattern and we know the mess shotgun rounds make.

Years from now we will be amazed at the waste of time, money and humanity this approach got us and bow never to do it again….till the next time.

For what it’s worth:

This a at home protocol, all available over the counter. Ivermectin is available at farm supply stores. Around here it is tractor supply. Don’t worry about the veterinary focus, it’s the same thing. And hey! It tastes like apple.

This is much more in depth if you are into that:

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