My ex-girlfriend is accusing me of stalking, and has filed a complaint for a domestic violence restraining order against me. We had our first hearing on June 2, and I appeared there with my attorney. He announced in court that we want to have a full hearing, where we will present subpoenaed witnesses in my defense.

I received a call on June 4th from my attorney. She called his office that morning looking for an attorney to represent her. She appears to be running through the phone book, and didn’t realize that this particular attorney was mine. I guess she is worried that I have a lawyer, and now she wants one, too.

She claims that I showed up at her workplace. That is true. She worked at a hospital, but she was not at work during the time that I was there. I had a legitimate reason for being there. In Florida, stalking can only be alleged if there is “no legitimate purpose” for the behavior.

She also claims that she was fired after I was there. That is also true. What she left out is that she was fired for stealing medical equipment and pharmaceuticals from her employer, not because of any alleged stalking on my part.

The complaint is without merit, and I believe that I have enough evidence that she has perjured herself to prevail in this case. There are a few facts that we have in our possession that I am not yet at liberty to discuss. As soon as we have the evidenciary hearing, I will release more details.

Using accusations of domestic violence has become a common tactic for women who wish to win divorce and child custody cases, as well as angry girlfriends who wish to get back at former boyfriends. Men have no legal recourse against women who are proven to be lying. This needs to change. Sign the petition here:

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