I really have to say that I disagree with the Democrats on nearly every single idea that they have. However, one thing I admire about them is when the Democrats have control of Congress, they know how to press their advantage. In contrast, the Republicans come across as weak kneed, spineless idiots. This isn’t just me, even Limbaugh agrees.

Look back at Obamacare. The Democrats shoved it through because they had the votes.

Now look at every Republican plank:

– Florida’s new gun law.
– Repealing Obamacare.
– Nominating Kavanaugh.

Every single time, they waffle and accomplish nothing. The Republicans have the votes to confirm Kavanaugh over the objections of the Democrats, but lack the will to simply take a vote and make it happen.

So they will sit there in limbo, afraid to make a decision. The elections will come in November and the Democrats will retake congress. The Republicans will go back to begging the Dems for a seat at the table, and the Dems will impeach Trump. Then they will impeach Pence, making the Dem Speaker of the House (Feinstein?) our next President.

Why? Because the Republicans are pussies.

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