Last year, I was attacked in my classroom by a student. The student is a star athlete with a record of violence against staff. He will soon be signing with a division 1 college, and going on to a free college education, and perhaps even earning millions as a professional athlete.

I just received a letter from the state, saying that the investigation is complete, and that I committed no wrongdoing. Three lawyers, thousands of dollars, and a year later, I have been cleared. The student admitted that he attacked me first, and I had documentation showing that the reason he attacked me was because I was enforcing a policy of no cell phones in class, just as I had been instructed to do. The same supervisor that instructed me to do so was the one who pushed for my prosecution. She was angry that I “lawyered up” when the student attacked me.

The state immediately began an investigation into the incident, to see if I should be prosecuted for holding the student down to stop the attack. At any rate, the entire episode is over.

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Anonymous · August 14, 2017 at 2:07 am

Why even leave yourself open to things like that? I appreciate a desire to "give back" but everything you've documented about your experiences in the school system says STAY AWAY in big block letters.

I am looking forward to you posting more 🙂


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