I had a female friend of mine (who is a LEO) post the following picture on Facebook:

I replied with “Domestic Violence is always wrong.” Her answer? “Spoken like a typical man. You all want to cheat and get away with it.”

Being that I have been falsely accused by women of domestic violence twice in the past, I am sensitive to this. The first time was in 2004. The reason that I was accused was that the woman was angry that when we broke up, I stopped paying for the cell phone service that I had been providing. The judge agreed, and said that this was a form of “financial violence,” in that I was using the fact that I had money, and she did not, to control her. The problem with that bit of judicial activism is that Florida has a pretty specific definition of what constitutes domestic violence, and that ain’t it. The decision was overturned on appeal. It cost me a LOT of money to make that go away.

Then there was earlier this year. In this case, all I did was return property that she left at my house that was labelled “Property of XXX Hospital,” to the hospital, which was her employer. They fired her for stealing the property. In return, she accused me of domestic violence, by saying that I was stalking her and threatening her. The case was dismissed after three weeks and two hearings.

It disturbs me that a POLICE OFFICER will support a woman beating up her husband because he cheated on her, while the same legal system supports wasting people’s time and ruining the lives of men who have done nothing, because a woman is angry that she got caught stealing.

I’m guessing that any man who beats up his wife for cheating will not get the same cheerleaders.

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