This past weekend, my wife and I were in Orlando for a bit of a staycation. We were staying at a hotel in the tourist district. We were about to cross a busy street and pushed the button for the crosswalk. The button causes lights embedded in the street and on roadside signs to begin flashing. There is a sign right there that says that all cars must stop while lights are flashing. The cars that were approaching stopped, but as we got halfway across the street, a car started to jet by and almost hit us, except that he jammed on the brakes at the last second. My wife pointed at the sign.

The man leaned out of his window and yelled “I stopped to be nice. You don’t have to give me attitude.”
I replied, “No, you HAVE to stop, it’s the law.”
Driver: “Fucking asshole tourist. Come over here and I will kick your ass, you fat fuck. You and your fat assed fucking wife.”

There are those who claim that every traffic disagreement will result in a shooting. They claim that “Stand your ground” is a license to kill. I proved them wrong. I replied, “I am not going over there, and I am not going to fight you.” The guy may have been armed, but I definitely was. My pride at being called names is not worth someone getting shot. The wife and I both walked away.

Nearly all concealed weapons permit holders feel the same way.

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Miguel GFZ · May 21, 2019 at 1:33 pm

Your ego did not need buttressing, a feat of combat was not necessary.

You won

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