A man gives 75 cents to a homeless beggar, and the cops detain him for an hour, and tear up his car looking for drugs, laughing about it all the while.

Do not EVER consent to a search. THIS is one of the reasons why I oppose the war on (some) drugs. We are in a police state, they just haven’t yet begun to disappear people that they don’t like.

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Anonymous · January 19, 2014 at 12:01 am

Whether you consent to a search or not, if they call in the K-9, they know how to goose the dog into indicating the presence of narcotics, whether there are any or not. Your vehicle will be searched. Your person will be searched. But you are absolutely right: If questioned by LEO's, inform them that on advice of counsel you must invoke your right to silence as provided by Miranda and the Fifth Amendment. Say nothing to police without an attorney present. Hell, don't even say anything then, let your attorney talk for you.

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