The conflict in Portland expanded to Washington state this weekend when an Antifa supporter deliberately ambushed and ran down a member of the Proud Boys in Vancouver, Washington after a memorial service for a Patriot Prayer member who was ambushed and killed in Portland. This targeted attack resulted in severe, life threatening injuries to the victim.

Since this incident was directly connected to the active combat that has been occurring in Portland for over 100 continuous days, the area that is considered to be involved in active combat will have to be expanded.

The entire Interstate 5 corridor from the Canadian border south to Eugene, Oregon can now be considered to be a battlefield.  Hostilities in these areas are ongoing and unpredictable. Serious injuries and deaths are being reported in this area nearly every day. This entire area is now a Zone 5.


Further, anyone in an area that has been labeled as a Zone 3 or higher is advised to not make themselves a target for ambushes or targeted attacks. Please:

  • Remove all decals and markers from vehicles that will make you appear to be a target. This includes any pro-Trump, pro-police, or any other decals that identify you as being a Conservative, a Republican, or a gun owner.
  • Do not wear any clothing that would identify you as a member of any right oriented organization. 

Remember that areas that have already experienced violence are at an elevated risk of further, or even increasing levels of, violence. 

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