It seems like an extravagant waste of money to buy custom handguns for a team whose largest expected threat calls for heavier firepower.

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From the government purchasing I’ve been involved with, justifying this gun would be difficult – and it would involve considerably more than 2 days of testing.
I bet someone high up decided they liked it and then went looking for a justification.

The other article paints an unsurprisingly poor image of a federal agency with access to fancy toys a large budget and little oversight.

Fake-cop bling. Probably completely useless against anyone attempting to hijack nuclear material. But rifles are a hassle, and they probably plan to run away if they’re ever attacked, so why bother?

Maybe upgrade the ancient ICBM’s that haven’t been tested in years?
Oh…they aren’t in it to win it in the first place.
These things happen during a fifth column Long March to burn down what is left of the republic and Western Civ.

So maybe, I’m just riffing here, maybe, if you’re trying to maintain a bit of an element of secrecy or surprise, try advertising less? I mean, perhaps making a YT video about what you do and how you it, including the super-duper vehicles in question, MIGHT not be quite the way to go. And yeah, I completely agree, when a couple of RPGs (or worse) come in the back window of the escort SUV, those really cool 9mm handguns are not going to be a big factor.

One of my oldest friends is on a QRF for a Nuke Plant. Standard for ‘boots on the ground’ is just a regular Glock 17, and M-4s for Exterior action, with H&K MP-5SD (suppressed) for Interior Stuff. Looks like overpriced bling for the cool kids.

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