Until recently, Taiwan had little to fear from China. The PLAN had no real amphibious capability, and was therefore unlikely to be in a position where it could invade.

Until recently.

The Chinese have begun retrofitting ferries so that they can carry amphibious mechanized battalions. China is upgrading its military in a big way. The world is now on notice that China has imperial ambitions.

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AC47spooky · August 4, 2021 at 8:51 am

Throughout my life (a long time) I’ve thought that it would be a challenge near to impossible for a foreign power, on the other side of the globe, to land troops on US soil. Airborne would be most likely to lead the way but I just couldn’t imagine a military invasion actually happening.

The threat of ICBMs was quite unsettling but a completely different scenario there.

Now – who knows? The invasion of whatever you call the streams of people crossing from Mexico is well underway. No problem outfitting them whenever they arrive at their stations. Perhaps the enemy paratroopers will darken the skies over CONUS after all.

I hope the people in Taiwan are able to destroy the vital stuff to keep it out of enemy hands should that day come to pass. How very sad to contemplate.

SiG · August 4, 2021 at 9:57 am

For decades we’ve had mutual defense treaties all over the world including with Taiwan, which basically meant that if Taiwan was attacked that we’d use our power to defend them.

I can’t honestly believe that if China invaded Taiwan that whoever it is that’s really running the US would actually do anything. Is Joe or the Ho or whoever actually going to risk a nuclear exchange with China? Risk American cities?

Considering the sorry state of our Navy revealed in that report a couple of weeks ago, could we project enough power into Taiwan to dissuade China?

    Porkypine · August 4, 2021 at 11:11 am

    Not for any length of time, no. We could dispatch naval assets from our bases in Japan & Guam (assuming they are even in a combat ready state) but by the time those ships & subs arrive the main action will already be over. If we had Air Force assets on standby in Guam they can strike the Taiwan area in a few hours which would only delay the inevitable depending on the success of those air strikes. The military brass in China has surely accounted for neutralizing our quickly deployable, in-theater assets already.

Chris · August 4, 2021 at 7:01 pm

China is rollin and will continue.
And why shouldnt they.
Cause Uncle Pronoun??? And his Rainbow Warriors??
Or the 5 ft tall 95lb biological female that thinks she’s a 6’2 225 ripped male mossing its nuts?

We just got….Slaughtered in Wargames.

Joe is owned by them and 3/4 of the Admin. Along with more than a few Empty heads and Suits in USINTELL i’m willing to bet.

All that and china is buying the land in the US They want and need.

Wow we are gagged, bound and ….a mess.

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