Natalee Holloway disappeared in 2005 while on a trip to Aruba. Her body was never found, and she was finally declared dead in 2012. She was seen leaving the bar with a 17 year old who was politically connected to his father, a judge. Largely because of those connections, he walked. Shades of Hunter Biden and Chelsea Clinton, there.

The douche even admitted on video to disposing of her body and posted it on social media. He contacted the Holloway family and offered to give them the location of her body in exchange for money. Enter the incompetents at the FBI. The paid him the ransom in exchange for what they knew was false information, and then let him leave the country with the $25,000 in payoff money.

What finally tripped him up is when he murdered another girl who found information about the Holloway murder on his laptop in 2014, and he murdered her. He was caught and sentenced to 28 years in Peruvian prison.

Now it turns out that he has pled guilty to extortion and the murder of Holloway in exchange for a lighter sentence. He got another 20 years added to the 28 he is already going to serve for the murder in Peru, and another 18 he got for smuggling cocaine into the Peruvian prison. However, Peruvian law prohibits any jail term of over 35 years, so he will be released in 2045. His plea deal says that the time he serves in Peru will also count as time served in the US.

So to sum things up- plead guilty to the murder of two women, smuggle cocaine into prison, and use the evidence of one of the murders to extort money from the FBI gets you a total of 35 years in prison. Now contrast that with the 33 years that prosecutors wanted for Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs for his role in the J6 protests.

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Don Curton · October 20, 2023 at 7:21 am

What’s that saying? There’s no situation so dire that the FBI can’t make it worse?

Honestly, the parents should have paid $25 grand to some ex-military honcho to travel south and take care of this asshat way way back in the past, say around 2006. That would have saved the world a lot of trouble.

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