New evidence comes to light that the family of Senator (and then Vice President) Biden was peddling access to government favor in exchange for lucrative jobs that they were unqualified for. In exchange, the family patriarch received half of whatever they made in salary, plus some deals which included a percentage of the take. In short, the Biden family made tens of millions of dollars.

Worse? The FBI knew about it and has done nothing, not even investigating the events, even while spending years investigating Trump for Russian collusion that never happened. Meanwhile, the Biden family was colluding with the Russian and Chinese governments to make nearly $100 million. 

This, more than anything has convinced me that we are done as a nation. There are power brokers making obscene amounts of money by peddling government favors, and the people of this nation are trying to give them more power because they are convinced that the power brokers care more about them than they care about enriching themselves. 

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