It isn’t paranoia if someone really IS out to get you. There are Democrats who are compiling lists of Republicans to use as an enemies list. They are saying the list will be used to identify people who will be killed, jailed, sent to reeducation camps, or simply denied employment or other participation in society.

This isn’t just a few crackpots- the people participating in this include a sitting member of Congress, prominent members of the press, and other people in positions of power. This has advanced to the point where it is reminiscent of other government takeovers. 

Weeks ago, I did a three part series on insurgencies and how they are carried out. This one has so far followed the official CIA insurgency manual nearly to the letter. So closely in fact, that it is scary. If you didn’t see it, here is part one, here is part two, and here is part three. You might want to give it a read. 

I am afraid that the door to door disappearances are about to begin. The time is nearing for this blog to end. 

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TechieDude · November 9, 2020 at 8:58 pm

Don't be silly. You're already on a list.

Whadder'yer think the've been doing all summer?

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