The Orange County Mayor is mad that people in gyms aren’t following his orders. Note that the Mayor is Jerry Demings, the husband of Congresswoman Val Demings. They were both once police officers. Val is famous for leaving her department weapon in her unlocked vehicle in her driveway where it got stolen. Anyway, Jerry had this to say:

My appeal, always, is to gain voluntary compliance before we start looking at penalizing people, invoking criminal sanctions, but we want compliance there

That is what the issue is with COVID restrictions: they want compliance.

I once had a boss who was afraid of an OSHA inspection. His orders to the security guard at the gate was to refuse to allow OSHA inspectors into the gate. They would then have to leave to get a warrant, and during the interim, he would send everyone home for the day. When the inspector returned with a warrant, they would be allowed in and shown that the plant was being refurbished, and OSHA would not be able to fine him for a shut down factory.

I can imagine something like this working here.

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Jonathan H · July 10, 2020 at 8:58 am

There is an old saying "the best way to undermine your authority is to give and order you know won't be obeyed".

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